News – “Students hold memorial to mourn shuttered Taco Bell” – May 7 (UPI) — A group of Georgia Tech students gathered in he school’s Student Center to pay tribute to a Taco Bell eatery that shuttered permanently.

William Schertzer filmed video inside the Student Center’s food court showing his fellow students holding a memorial service for the Taco Bell location that shut down permanently last week.

The footage shows a student playing taps on a bugle just outside of the former fast food eatery.

The reason for the Taco Bell’s closing was unclear, but students said other eateries inside the Student Center, including Chick-fil-A store, remained in operation.

I woulda been right in front of this memorial singing Boyz II Men ” Yesterday” while the service was going down. Anybody that attended college understands what these students were going through, having your cheap campus taco eatery shut down has to be devastating.

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