JGTV: Habit Burger (Cherry Hill,NJ)

The team got invited to a media tasting for the release of Habit Burgers new guacamole burger, but we got to try everything on the menu. Here’s what Lauren had to say about the event.

Okay I think I finally recovered from my severe case of itis to actually write something about the foodie tasting event me and the JG team had the pleasure of attending this past weekend at Habit Burger in Cherry Hill, NJ. The main reason for the tasting was the roll out of the all new Guacamole Crunch Burger and to also bring awareness to Habit Burger as a whole. The Charburger might just be my new favorite fast casual burger, yes even better than 5 Guys. Habit Burger’s menu has items on there you simply won’t find at other fast casual spots like their tri-tip steak sandwich, chargrilled tuna, sweet potato fries and tempura green beans. Oh and another option that separates Habit burger from the rest…you can get any of their burgers or sandwiches on either a french roll, grilled sourdough, seeded bun or a wheat bun! Seriously I just got hungry again typing all this, stop what you’re doing right now and go get something delicious..I know I am.

Well that gave us the idea of having a giveaway for National Burger Month,  all you have to do is comment below with a “Top 3” list you’d like to hear Big Al do on the radio show and we’ll send 2 vouchers your way for one free item off the menu for you and whoever else. Literally ANY subject people and free food!

Check out a video of the event and all the delicious grub that went down and make sure to simply comment below with any topic and the vouchers are yours!

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