News – “PICKLE SOFT SERVE Now Exists, This Is What It Tastes Like”

foodbeast.comPickle juice has slowly been inching its way into the food trends game of 2018. We saw Sonic Drive-In fully adopt it with their Pickle Juice Slushes, slated to debut this summer, and now another restaurant is looking to get into the briny dessert business with Pickle Juice Soft Serve.


This bright-green, acidic frozen treat is located at Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co., one of three restaurants manned by executive chef Glenroy Brown.


Brown told Foodbeast that he utilizes fresh-pressed Kirby cucumbers when making his soft serve. He also uses a pickle brine from one of his other restaurants, Jacob’s Pickles, to provide that sharp and acidic twang.


That combination of fresh cucumber and pickle brine gives a light-green tinge to the ice cream while adding a punch of flavor. According to Instagram user @breakfastatetiffany, who took the above photo, the treat “literally tastes like a pickle.” While not a big fan of pickles herself, she mentioned that it was pretty good if you’re down with them.


Brown’s pickle soft serve definitely sounds like a must-try, even if just to see how pickles taste in dessert form.

WHY! Why are we doing this people…i’m begging you to stop this type of madness. Nobody asked for fucking Pickle Juice ice cream outside of maybe Snookie or some shit. I know I said I would try pork roll ice cream but the ingredients of that actually didn’t sound too bad…this sounds horrific.

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