News – “Zoo owners charged after taking bear to Dairy Queen drive-through” – ALBERTA, CANADA — A Canadian zoo is under fire after taking a bear through a drive-through for ice cream. 

Discovery Wildlife Park posted a video in January of Berkley, a year old Kodiak bear, licking an ice cream cone at a Dairy Queen drive-through, according to The Canadian Press

After an investigation, zoo owners Doug Bos and Debbie Rowland were recently charged under the province’s Wildlife Act for leaving the facility without telling animal officials as well as for taking the bear to the drive-through.

“What we got charged for under the act was that we failed to notify them that we were going to do those things,” Doug Bos told CTV. “We were busy. We made a mistake, and we didn’t email them and tell them.”

For the lapse, Fish and Wildlife officials have revised the zoo’s permit. They will now be required to give more details when transporting animals, according to The Canadian Press. They also are not able to put animals on display outside of the facility without permission. 

Bos took the charges in stride. 

“I’m glad that they followed through with it because it shows how strictly regulated the zoo industry is in the province.”

(hits joint and passes it while coughing) “You know what we should do Debbie” 

“What you thinking Doug?” (while munching on some Fritos)

“…..hear me out now….”

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