News – “Dear God what have I done: Behold the KFC Skinwich”

thetakeout.comThe year was 2010. KFC’s Double Down sandwich was unleashed to the masses. The country did not know whether it was intended as a practical joke. That a sandwich would employ fried chicken as buns was, on its face, too absurd to be taken for real. Where KFC underestimated was that America often takes parody and subsumes it into legitimacy. The Double Down became a very real, very successful thing.

Around that time, I thought to myself: What can top the ridiculousness of the Double Down? I began brainstorming: The most delicious part of KFC is the seasoned crisp skin of its Original Recipe chicken. Growing up, KFC was special treat food, and that 11 herbs-and-spices flavor is one I fondly associate with childhood.


So what about a sandwich comprised entirely of chicken skin? And thus, the KFC Skinwich™ was born, my attempt at satirizing satire:

My first attempt at a KFC Skinwich sometime around 2010.
Photo: Kevin Pang

That was 2010. Life went on. I got married, became a father. Years passed, I grew up. Then I became editor of a food website. Somewhere in the recess of my brain, a tiny dormant brain cell wormed its way to the forefront (I’m pretty sure this is how brains work). And then it whispered to me: “Kevin, make me again. You will be filled with regret. You will hate yourself. But think of how much you love turning stupid shit into page views. Will somebody please think about the page views?!”

I know that he said he was doing it as satire and all that good stuff (we definitely understand trying to get these clicks and views) but uhhhh…..I used to love KFC’s original recipe skin…almost as much as Cartman

so I actually think I would try this,I would have to be completely stoned but yea I would try it. Don’t judge me.

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