News -“Woman Furiously Shits On Floor Of Tim Hortons, Throws It At Employees” – A woman in Canada was so incensed about something Tim Hortons employees did or didn’t do that she dropped her pants, took a dump on the floor, threw it, grabbed some napkins to wipe her ass, threw those too, and left.

There is no pixelation in this sped-up LiveLeak video. You are going to see everything that this woman, full of rage and previously turds, does to forever sully the floor of this Tim Hortons located in Langley, British Columbia.

What’s particularly baffling, aside from the obvious, is the other customers who don’t really react to what’s happening. Maybe that’s because the tasteful barrier has censored most of it, or maybe it’s because there’s really nothing to do when a human decides to take a spiteful shit and fling it.

According to the Abbotsford News, this all went down Monday around 6:15 p.m. Police arrested the woman in the parking lot and are still determining charges. 

I mean…I wanna say we gotta hear both sides because anyone that listens to the podcast understands that’s what we do but ummmmm this seems a bit far…it’s one thing to shit on the ground over bad service..I mean who hasn’t mentally done this (no one..okay fuck y’all too) but to start flinging your poop around like a gorilla is taking shit a bit too far (see what I did there).

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