News – “Beer Keg Flies Into Windshield. Blink And You Will Miss It” – A car driver in Australia was caught off guard when a beer keg flew straight into the windscreen, smashing the glass. The unexpected and terrifying moment was caught on the vehicle’s dashcam. According to a video uploaded by Dashcam Owners Australia, the driver was driving on the M4 expressway in Sydney on Tuesday when the beer keg landed on the windshield out of nowhere. The beer keg flies so quickly that one is likely to miss it the first time. It’s only in the slow-motion version of the video that you see the keg flying from the opposite side of the road. The dashcam goes blank after the high-intensity impact.

The car, as seen in the video, sustained considerable damage. An image showed its windscreen totally smashed and bonnet dented.

Chances are you will duck while watching the video.

Is it bad that….my first thought was “I mean what’s good with that keg though?!”

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