News – “Woman may have served husband’s remains at neighborhood barbecue” – A woman who admitted to killing her husband, her lover and possibly nine others, may have served up one of her victim’s remains to neighbors at a barbecue.

Kelly M. Cochran, 34, was already serving a life sentence for killing her lover, Chris Regan, when she was sentenced last week to 65 years in prison for killing her husband, Jason Cochran, reports Fox News .

In an upcoming documentary, friends and family of Cochran recount how she claimed to have served Regan’s remains at the grilling get-together.

The documentary titled Dead North documents how Cochran and her husband killed Regan and then made a pact to kill anyone involved in their extramarital affairs. However, Cochran later killed her husband as revenge for murdering Regan.

Cochran’s brother says neighbors believe they were served human remains at the barbecue.

Dead North is scheduled to air May 28-29 on Investigation Discovery.

So I just finished watching Evil Genius on Netflix (fucking phenomenal) and I thought that chick on there was the devil reincarnated but ummmmm Kelly may just take the cake…holy shit imagine eating some brisket and you find out it’s your fucking murdering neighbor you were dining on. Let’s just cancel 2018 and go to 2019 already.

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