Q-Shi BBQ & Sushi- Spring, Texas

So I know I took a little bit of a hiatus from blogging, but I’m husky and its always t shirt weather in Texas, so I’ve been eating a bunch of disgusting health food unable to enjoy any of the delicious food that this place has to offer.

One day after a nice workout from the @mattwalker67, I figured I’d reward myself with a nice cheat meal.  I was looking for something healthy, but needing a BBQ fix, I turned to a place that combined sushi and BBQ.  Q-Shi, located in Spring, TX, brings backyard southern BBQ together with the Asian art of sushi for a unique spin on Asian American Fusion.

When you walk in the door you’re hit with the aroma of BBQ but are thrown off by guys rolling sushi at the bar.  The menu consisted of everything from traditional BBQ, traditional Asian cuisines, Bento bowls, to even Poke`.  It was a lot to take in, and I didn’t want to miss out on what they’re known for, so I left this dining adventure in the hands of my waitress.  Before I get to the food I want to give a shout out to the wait staff at Q-SHI.  They were ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.  Your dining experience is their number one priority and they pull out all the stops for each and every one of their customers.  They were constantly checking up on you to make sure that the food was top notch and you were enjoying everything you were eating.

Anyway, back to the food…  The first thing my wonderful waitress brought out was the Korean BBQ Kimchi Fries.  This dish brought together so many flavors that all complemented each other perfectly.  The fries cooled off the spiciness of the Kimchi, spicy mayo, and sriracha, while the Korean BBQ beef brought a bit of sweetness and smokiness.  The portion size could have been a meal within itself.


The next dish brought out was actually not even on the menu.  A take on the one of their signature sushi rolls, the Q-Shi 3, combined crab meat, tempura shrimp with avocado, smoked brisket, cream cheese, and eel sauce wrapped in rice paper.  After taking one bite I found myself absolutely speechless.  The taste was indescribable, the way each layer of complimented the next, not one overpowering the other was brilliant.  They need to make that menu item because everyone’s taste buds needs to experience the joy that mine did while eating it.


The next banger my lovely waitress brought out was the Q-Shi 4, in my opinion, the greatest sushi roll ever created.   It was absolute perfection.  The roll starts out with tuna drizzled with spicy mayo and eel sauce, cream cheese, and crab with avocado, then finishes with smoky and sweet rib meat.  This roll had the whole spicy/sweet/smoky thing going for it, which I was digging.


Continuing on this food adventure was something I picked, the Spicy Mary Roll.  I love crawfish and they were able to take a basic crabstick roll and electrify it with heaping pile sweet and spicy fried crawfish.  You could have taken the crawfish off the roll and served it over some white rice and it wouldn’t hold a candle to any sweet and sour chicken or pork.


I was full at this point but I had to keep going because my waitress was not stopping, bringing plate after plate out of delicious food.  Next she brought out was the Crazy Naruto Roll.  Smoked brisket, tuna, escolar, avocado and a crab stick were all wrapped in a cucumber and soaked in their homemade Q-Shi sauce along with 2 pieces of smoke brisket nigiri.


I was smoked at this point, about to explode and hoping she was done, one of their signature desserts the cheesecake egg rolls with strawberry sauce came out of the kitchen in her hand and to my table.  It was the ultimate ending to probably the best meal I have eaten so far since being in Texas.


Q-Shi just serves banger after banger, and anyone who loves sushi and bbq needs to definitely eat here.  They have ruined me for traditional sushi, but I could care less.  Even if you sushi isn’t your thing, I can guarantee, the wait staff will find something you like.  Thank you Q-Shi for your wonderful hospitality and incredible food.  You definitely will be seeing my husky self again.

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