Home Chef- Week 7: Thai Fish Cakes & Shrimp with Tiger Sauce

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Last week I took a break from my food subscription service, Home Chef, but I missed it so this week I placed my order a week ahead. I later in the week went in to change one of my meals but I must’ve closed the app too quickly because I didn’t save my changes. So when this weeks meals arrived I was slightly disappointed but knew it was my fault. After trying both meals, I was happy it turned out that way because they were both delicious!

Day 13: Thai Fish Cakes


This meal was once again taking me out of my comfort zone. It’s a recipe that I would’ve never chosen on my own but it was amazing. It combined the perfect amount of flavor and spice.

Day 14: Shrimp with Tiger Sauce


This was the meal that presently surprised me. I tried to swap this dish out for the salmon but it ended up being delicious. The tiger sauce was amazing and I will most likely cook the sauce again in the future on fish or chicken.

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