Listen now to StartDis Podcast Featuring JustGrubbin’s own MK

MK joined StartDis Podcast on Monday, May 21st, 2018 to discuss all things food, Colorado, New Jersey, and Philly. Listen now on iTunes or whatever platform you use to listen to podcasts.

If you don’t know about StartDis Podcast, it is definitely a show you want to check out!


The StartDis podcast is an interactive podcast debating issues are often polarizing society. The show is designed to eliminate online trolling by providing an outlet for productive discussion.
The topics discussed on the podcast range from funny to serious. Some examples are (but not limited to):
Addiction, Mental Illness, Adoption, DNA , Birth control, Art, Self expression, History, The Future, Sexuality, Employment. Pay Gap, Fashion, Gangs, The prison system, Pop culture, Immigration,Love, Manners, Sports, Paranormal, Personality types, Religion, Race, Safety, Disease, Technology or Travel.
    The audience will benefit from hearing you because audience members are encouraged to continue the discussion posed. This provides others a platform in response to your interview, as well as, a possible opportunity for a follow up interview based on audience involvement.


Hello! My name is Jacqui Oh. I am looking for at least 50 patrons to join the community. I would like to begin a series on Americas Most Segregated cities. I feel this subject conveys the overall theme of the podcast. To discuss divisive issues. Ideal patrons are strong minded intelligent have a personality and can use humor. And most of all you Rep your city!
Heres what to expect :
When you become a patron I will pair you with another person to engage in debate. I will require a preinterview (can be done by video chat or email). After this we all will set a recording date and debate and discuss What segregation looks like today.

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