News – “Fast food debate: Do you know what Arby’s name really means?”

today.comMost people know Arby’s for its roast beef, curly fries and unusual meat offerings like sky-high stackers or even venison. But when it comes to the name of the fast food chain, it turns out a lot of people don’t know what “Arby’s” really means.

For years, customers have posted “mind blown” statuses on social media after realizing the acronym for roast beef, “R-B,” sounds like “Arby.” And for years, the folks at Arby’s have been trying to set the record straight.

Chris Reinacher


Just discovered: Roast Beef –> RB –> Arby’s




@chrisreinacher Actually, the name Arby’s is based on R. B., the initials of our founders the Raffel Brothers.


On Sunday, the debate arose yet again when a tweeter prompted followers to “name something obvious to most people that you didn’t figure out until recently,” to which someone replied, “The chain “Arby’s” is named after the R and B denoting “roast beef…”

Fun fact…Arbys in Swahili means “Boiled Ass Juice”

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