Philly Taco Fest 2018 Review

We checked out Philly Taco Fest (@Phillytacofest) at the Sugarhouse Casino (@WinAtSugarHouse) and we absolutely died and went to heaven. We got to taste some of the region’s greatest flavors and some great takes on the taco and taco adjacent offerings that made my tongue go “wow!” Shout out to Rob Brazas for reaching out to us and for him and his team putting on a great event.

I went into this event with the express intent of eating everything in sight. I made it though about two-thirds of the trucks before I was too full of carnitas and tequilas to continue. Sorry. Even though I’m no longer a newbie to the foodie game I still can’t keep up with the likes of @Lbiddle25 when it comes to putting down massive amounts of the good stuff.

All that being said I ate a ton of stuff so here are some of the highlights:

El Guaco Loco – We tried their Tinga Chicken Taco first and it started the day off right – a corn tortilla, shredded cabbage and shredded chicken cooked with chipotle chiles, adobo and onions . It looks simple but the flavor is fantastic. Not too spicy, and the chipotle really compliments the other seasonings.

Fishtown Hops – I’m gonna have to agree with @Biddle23 and say these folks put together the best cheesesteak nachos we’ve ever had, and we eat them often. A heart helping of jalapeños, pico, and some of the juiciest grilled chopped steak I’ve ever had made this something I’m still thinking about. I’m planning my next visit.

Miss Peggy’s – Their Al Pastor taco really threw me off because it was absolutely loaded to the brim with fixins. Tons of cabbage, red onions and radishes were piled on the delicious shawarma. It was the perfect complement for such a tasty base.


Bee’s Knees – These folks brought the cheese! Check out this mouthful: the Pollo Adobo Taco-Inspired Gourmet Grilled Cheese. The name needs work but the food was a hit. Chipotle adobo chicken, cheddar cheese, fresh pico and cholula crema, on sourdough. Killer flavor and perfectly grilled. They also had the Choriqueso, made with chorizo, American cheese, black bean and corn salsa and avocado lime crema on sourdough. I’m a fan of taco shells of all types, but damn! Grilled sourdough could make the world go round.

Hugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House – Head Chef Andrew Pierce was working with some serious home court advantage being as Hugo’s is located inside the illustrious SugarHouse Casino. They did not disappoint. Their Buffalo chicken taco had all the hallmarks of a great wing but in taco form and their carnitas taco topped with red onion offered some delicate flavors that you might not expect from an American chef. I left wanting more.

Gustoso – My stomach was at the end of its rope but then I saw someone eating one of Gustoso’s tacos and I had to take one last plunge. Their Arepa My Way with chicken, carnitas, cabbage and mango crema… bruh! I’m a huge mango fan so this really gave me a different flavor profile than everywhere else. Absolutely delicious (and the line to their truck was proportional to the deliciousness of their taco).

Of course I couldn’t even consider myself a true part of Just Grubbin If I didn’t end this with a ranking so here are @JampriJG’s top 3 Patrón’s:

3. Dark

2. Light

1. Clear

Don’t @ me, @Big_Al_B_Sure.


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