Milkboy Philly Spring Menu Tasting

Milkboyyyyyyy……. Come Out & Play

There were many ups & downs in the City of Brotherly Love. On the upside Meek Mill was released from prison, pending an appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the inevitable low came when the process so many Philly fans trusted ended at the hands of a much better coached Boston Celtics team. Fortunately, for JustGrubbin we only got to experience the ups this week had to offer, and it all started with a trip to Center City, where we were welcomed back to Milkboy Philly. The first time we showed up at their 11th & Chestnut location was for a BBQ & Art pop up. This time it was a much more intimate affair as Sous Chef Tyler Glover blessed us with a private tasting of menu items that he personally created and handcrafted. We also were treated to a behind the scenes look at some of their best-selling cocktails from the AGM .

I’ll start with the cocktails, the first which was the “Chestnut Skinny Dip”. It was quite honestly the most refreshing cocktail I’ve had all year; deep eddy ruby red vodka, lemongrass seltzer muddled with simple syrup. Simply delicious…. the name fits the drink perfectly because after a few of those someone’s clothes is bound come off. Next we had “Here For A Good Thyme” which was clever play on words for this thyme infused cocktail. Gin, thyme infused simple syrup, grapefruit bitters, lemon juice, and it was gone in 60 seconds. The “Rittenhouse Old Fashioned” came with its very own magic trick. It’s amazing how a lighter and an orange peel can transform a drink and take it to the next level, that burnt orange infused itself and manifested into an old-fashioned cocktail that I dare say was lit af.

We made our way through some of the best cocktails Center City had to offer, now it’s time for the main event. THE FOOD!!!! Sous Chef Tyler, but for sake of this article I’m just calling him Tyler the Creator, because I really think he should adopt that as a new nickname after everything he put in front of us. We started with a nice light Watermelon Frise salad. Arugula, frise, watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, goat cheese, and jalapeño basil vinaigrette. Perfect spring/summer salad the texture of the frise the sweetness of watermelon, creaminess of the goat cheese and bitterness from the vinaigrette gave you just about every flavor profile you’re looking for, and this is just a fucking salad!


Then he put down a plate of easily the best potato skins I’ve ever tasted. Extremely crisp potato skin was the bed for a savor bacon veloute sauce, crispy onions, chives, and finely grated cheese.


Just the tip, of the iceberg those two lighter fares were, because now we were getting into the thick of it. On the menu this next dish is just named “Noodles” but please don’t be fooled as there is so much more to it. Rice vermicelli noodles with mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, and red onion you know all the usual suspects in an Asian produce line up. All of this was lovely but the star of the show was undoubtably the sauce. It was a tamari based sauce (gluten-free, less salty, fermented soy sauce) with ginger, lemon and lime zest which was the perfect vehicle for this dish.


Then he hits us with the Jerk Chicken Sandwich. He went back to his island roots on this one. Pulled Jerk chicken on wheat with apple frise slaw and mango aioli. After devouring this sandwich which had the perfect amount of heat coming through the slaw and mango aioli; I had no choice but to get up and do the winner winner chicken dinner dance (it closely resembles the milly rock). The crazy part is that there was still more food coming out 🤦🏾‍♂️


With itis right around the corner we had to man up and fight it off for a couple more rounds. To increase the degree of difficulty to the fight; Tyler the Creator (yes I’m calling him that) brings out the Milkboy burgers. The first was the hangover burger replete with chili mayo, sautéed onions, apple wood smoked bacon, pickled peppers, American cheese and a sunny egg…… hangover heaven on a bun 🙏🏾🙏🏾


The second burger was his own play on the Big Mac, the “Big Milk”. Two brisket blend parties, cheddar, lettuce, pickles, and their own version of special sauce which was pretty much gone as soon as the plate hit the table. We were definitely blessed by the burger gawdss on this tasting.


Last but surely not least was the coup de gras, the raspberry glaze housemade donut. I had no room whatsoever left in my stomach but found a way to put this light airy, funnelcakish donut down in about two and a half bites. It was transcendent as it brung me back to a much simpler time of going to the state fair and the smell of funnel cake whisking in the air.

I think the JustGrubbin squad would all be in agreement when I say this has to have been our best tasting yet. Milkboy Philly and Sous Chef Tyler completely out did themselves with this experience. I know I will be a fixture at 1100 Chestnut for years to come if they continue cranking out cocktails and food items of this caliber. You are really doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t stopped in to see what they have to offer ;especially if you’re a foodie just commit social media harakiri until you give them their just due. Honestly this is an amazing bar, restaurant and music venue and we would like to give a special thanks to all the staff, until next time my friends….stay lit, stay woke!

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