News – “Chipotle is adding drive-thru lanes, but you can’t order food at them”

cnbc.comChipotle Mexican Grill is systematically adding drive-thru lanes to some of its new locations, but you won’t be able to place an order at any of them.

The burrito chain has dealt with a very public three-year-long sales slump that crippled its stock price. To revitalize its sales and encourage diners to return, the brand has implemented strategies like digital ordering, delivery and adding new menu items that it hasn’t pursued aggressively in the past.

Drive-thru windows are cropping up at Chipotle restaurants across the country, allowing customers the option of staying in their cars to get their burritos and bowls.

 However, these drive-thrus are a little different from the typical fast food order and pick-up lane. Here customers don’t order their food through a microphone, they do it ahead of time through Chipotle’s app or an online form.

Diners are provided with a pick-up time once they place their order and can drive through the mobile order lane to grab their meal without having to go inside the store.

So I still haven’t been back to Chipotle since all the e coli outbreaks no matter how much  I used to love their burrito bowls. Slowly but surely I’ve been debating about coming back around and convenience like this absolutely helps that. There’s no denying this is a great concept for people like me that hate waiting in lines but i’m still a scorn lover that needs more time though.

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