News – “Police: LA woman faked finding razor blade in fast food sandwich” – EUNICE, LA (RNN) – A Louisiana woman was arrested after police say she falsely claimed to have been injured by a razor blade while biting into a sandwich from a fast food restaurant.

Correill Bradley, 29, is charged with criminal mischief and theft, with other charges still possible, according to the Eunice Police Department.

On May 15, Bradley went to the hospital and claimed she had received an injury in her mouth from a foreign object inside her food at a major fast food chain.

The woman said she went through the drive-thru and purchased a sandwich. When she bit into the sandwich while driving, she claimed she felt a “strange object in her food and pain to her mouth.”

Upon arriving home, Bradley says she discovered the sandwich contained a razor blade.

According to police, Bradley initially said she didn’t want to file a police report because she didn’t want to get anyone into trouble. She later agreed to a report but wouldn’t write a statement.

Officers say they believed Bradley’s injuries were not consistent with biting into an object and instead appeared to be self-inflicted. They also say the razor blade appeared new and “showed no signs of being mixed into any contents of the sandwich.”

As police investigated further, they discovered security footage showing Bradley going into a local store and allegedly stealing a pack of razor blades, minutes before purchasing the sandwich.

Officers say Bradley also filed an insurance claim with the restaurant’s insurance and sought a personal injury attorney on the day of the alleged incident.

Police concluded Bradley’s claims were false and arrested her Friday on charges of criminal mischief and theft.

We all know that one friend or family member that’s always talking about pulling off a scam like this or hell even attempted some scams like this…but ummm I don’t think Correill really thought this one through. A razor? You don’t think they’d check for SOME sort of injuries consistent with your claim?? You gotta go with the random hair or hell even a rusty screw Correill….just from what I heard.

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