News – “Man climbs into Dunkin’ Donuts window, and right back out “ – METHUEN, Mass. — Perhaps they ran out of Boston Cremes. A man has been apprehended for climbing into the drive-through window of a Massachusetts Dunkin’ Donuts, then promptly climbing right back out.

Police say they responded to a security alarm at a shop in Methuen on Sunday morning and saw video surveillance footage showing a man in a vest pushing the drive-through window open and climbing into the store. He turned and left out the window immediately. Officials arrested the man Sunday evening but have not identified him.

In a Facebook posts airing the security footage, police did not say if the man stole anything from the Dunkin’ Donuts, or if he has any affiliation with the store.

A similar crime occurred in March in Gloucester, when a thief used tools to break a Dunkin Donuts shop’s drive-through window, and jumped back and forth through the window “several times” to retrieve cash boxes from the register drawers. Police arrested a suspect after viewing surveillence video. 

I mean sometimes you see a window and you gotta jump through it man…clearly this man was in immediate need of donut holes and didn’t have time to waste.

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