News – “Man discovers fingernail inside burger while eating at fast food restaurant”

Warning: Images in the video above may be upsetting to some viewers

An Arizona man was horrified to discover something strange while eating a burger from Culver’s.

Najib Anek told ABC 13 he felt an unexpected crunch while biting into his sandwich. He pulled the item out of his mouth, and realized it was a fake fingernail.

“I keep thinking about it – I even dream about it. It was too much,” said Najib Anek, saying he even threw up three times. 

When Anek complained to management, he was offered an apology. After reviewing surveillance video, the manager discovered a female employee was making his burger without gloves on.

“The manager, his job is to check the employees, make sure they have gloves,” Anek said.

He called the health department and was given a complaint number. He said he will not be back.

The restaurant’s insurance company is looking into the situation and the employee who lost her fingernail has been placed on leave.

I’m not even sure what I would do if this happened to me….besides vomit and faint for like 15 seconds. I’ll tell you this though, Culvers would be renamed “Laurvers” after that shit. 

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