News – “Can graphic warnings steer us away from junk food?” – Graphic and negative messages on food packages could be a way to keep us from grabbing an unhealthy snack, a new study shows.

Junk food has little to recommend it to the smarter parts of our brains, but to our impulsive side, taste is all that matters. We might strategically avoid the grocery store candy aisle, but we all have to pass through the checkout where the lure of the sugar fix can overshelm our impulses.

The checkout trick is just one of a multitude of “environmental cues” that food companies use to market their products, from packaging to lifestyle messages and popular culture, says Stefan Bode of the School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

But how alluring would that chocolate be if the packaging was slapped with a picture of decaying teeth or a diseased heart?

New research suggests that just like warnings on cigarette packaging, when it comes to junk food, the more graphic and negative the message the better. But positive imagery or negative text-only warnings can work, too.

The answer is no…no it will not…we know what it is and what it does before we eat it and what do we do…still eat it, because it’s fucking delicious.

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