News – “The CRAY-T escape! Crayfish about to be COOKED tears off its own claw in a bid to dodge the dinner plate… and ends up becoming the diner’s PET” – A crayfish which tore off its own claw to avoid being cooked has been adopted – by the man who was about to eat it.

The quick-thinking crustacean’s survival instincts kicked in as it was seen clinging on to the edge of a pot in a restaurant in China.

The crayfish was being cooked alive by diners– until he made a break for it.

In the video, the crayfish can be seen clambering out of the hotpot, while one of its claws remained dangling immobile inside, being cooked into lifelessness.

 Crayfish amputates its own claw to escape pot of boiling pot
   In what appears to be a determined attempt not to be dragged back into the boiling water by its dead claw, the crustacean then tore itself free from the ‘limb’ with the aid of its right claw, punching and pushing until it detached and fell back into the pot.

The crustacean then began crawling across the dinner table.

While it might have been a simple step to grab the escapee and drop it, body and all, back in the pot, the diner, known only as Jiuke, decided to turn it into an instant pet and ended up taking it home for a long and happy life in an aquarium.

Adding a twist to stories of ‘the one that got away’, the Taiwan News reported that Jiuke captured the amazing escape by video on his mobile phone – resulting in more than 635,000 views on Facebook.

The 11-second video clip was originally shown on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Later Jiuke told the Taiwan News that he had adopted the crayfish after its dramatic escape from certain death.

‘I let him live,’ he said

‘I already took him home and I’m raising him in an acquarium.’

His kindness has received applause from people who have watched the video and who had appealed to him not to eat the crayfish.

There are no concerns that the escape artist from the deep will have to live with only one claw for the rest of its life. Marine experts say crayfish are able to grow back limbs.

The Mail reported in 2014 that a pregnant lobster which lost both claws and four legs had managed to grow all her limbs and even claws. 

 Yea after a crayfish does all this to survive, to not become your crustacean feast for that night, its certainly earned its right to live that good aquarium life…I would say let it go back into the ocean but the aquarium might be the wave so it can simply heal. This is the greatest crayfish that’s ever lived and I need it’s story to be made into a Disney movie please and thank you.

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