Avalon Brew Pub- Avalon, NJ

I recently spent the weekend in Avalon, NJ with my family and we made our way out to the new Avalon Brew Pub in the Icona Avalon Hotel.

The first thing I must say about this restaurant is the décor is like no other restaurant I’ve ever been to. They have keg’s (yes keg’s) hanging from their ceiling and they managed to do it in a way that still looks like an upscale restaurant.


My family and I decided to order all appetizers just because the menu choices sold us:


We ordered the Brew Pub Fries, Truffle Fries, Brew Pub Mac & Cheese, Beer & Cheddar Soup, and Crispy Cheesesteak Egg Rolls.


My favorite was by far the Brew Pub Fries, which came with braised short rib, Wisconsin cheese sauce, picked chili peppers, and scallions. The braised short rib was so well cooked that it literally melted in my mouth.

The Beer & Cheddar Soup was also amazing. It was made with Avalon IPA, farmhouse cheddar, and had pretzel croutons. This soup blended the perfect amount of saltiness with cheese that had more wanting more pretzel croutons.

The Brew Pub Mac & Cheese came with applewood smoked bacon, oven roasted tomatoes, orecchiette, and Wisconsin béchamel. The bacon and oven roasted tomatoes was a great compliment to the mac and cheese.

The Crispy Cheesesteak Egg Rolls were served with Thai Chili Ketchup and the Truffle fries, which came with truffle oil, parmesan, and parsley were also delicious.

We also had one of the beer flights but I won’t go into detail with our choices since they state they change their draft list seasonally. We tried one Hawaiian option and the rest were local to the South Jersey area.


I highly recommend the Avalon Brew Pub to anyone planning to spend some time at the Jersey Shore this summer!

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