News – “Best Father’s Day Present Of All Time” – Some A+ news for all those who’ve totally exhausted the Father’s Day gifting options of socks, whiskey, and sweaters: A.1. is launching meat-scented candles ahead of the holiday.

For those of you who heard “meat-scented candles” and did not immediately want to cry, please know there are three varieties to choose from. There’s Original Meat, which smells like waxy steak, Backyard BBQ, which smells like the Christmas Tree Store during the summer months (I don’t know, maybe my olfactory-nostalgia sense is off?), and Classic Burger, which smells like a hunk of marinating bee

If you don’t trust my subjective scent opinion, please know other Delish staffers called the carnivorous candles’ smells “incredible,” “old meat that’s been sitting out … mixed with dog food,” and “WOW, OK.”

The candles all cost $14.99 and are meant to burn for a whole 50-70 hours. They’re available here while supplies last. Or, you know, you can go back to doing the whole boring old socks thing, too. Up to you!

Bruhhhhhhhhh I’m all in on meat scented candles…like you telling me at any moment on the drop of a dime my house can smell like Meat, a backyard BBQ or a Burger???? Sign me the fuck up like yesterday.

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