News – “Del. Woman Pleads Guilty in Sandwich Mistake Assault” – DOVER, Del. (AP/WBOC)- A woman has been sentenced to 15 days in prison after attacking workers at a convenience store in Dover over a botched sandwich order.           


Thirty-four-year-old Tiffany Evans also was ordered Wednesday to have no contact with any local Wawa store after pleading guilty to third-degree assault. She also must pay $900 restitution to a Wawa employee involved in the April incident at the store, located at 1450 Forrest Ave.       

Dover police say Evans ordered a sandwich, then yelled at a male employee for making a mistake. A female employee told Evans to stop yelling and said they would make another sandwich.           

Police said Evans then threw hot coffee in the woman’s face, causing burns. The coffee also struck the male employee, damaging his cellphone and about $200 worth of food.           

Police said Evans then pepper-sprayed the female employee and threatened to shoot her.

The female employee was transported by ambulance for minor injuries as a result of the hot coffee being thrown at her.

1. Of course it went down in Dover 2. Anyone that follows this blog and listens to our podcast knows that we’re down on Wawa for a multitude of reasons, the biggest one if the quality drop off…..but bruh…at this point you should EXPECT your sandwich to get fucked up by Wawa, it’s not worth going to jail over and CERTAINLY not worth losing your temper and burning fucking faces.  Now you gotta do 15 days in jail and they hitting your account…all over Wawa. Next time just Gronk spike the sandwich in the middle of Wawa, hit a double bird flip and just go get a actual good sandwich.

The only positive thing that came out of this for Tiffany is that shes banned from the mediocre Geese grub.

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