News – “Why This Bottle of Tabasco is Selling For $449 On eBay”

foodbeast.comTabasco hot sauce is one of the most well-known sauces in the U.S., having been parked on the tables of most restaurants you can think of.

 Well, it seems like there is an eBay seller who believes a hardcore Tabasco fan will be willing to spend $449 on a limited edition, commemorative “Diamond Reserve” bottle.
 Good ol’ Tabasco has been around for 150 years now (which is 103 years longer than our beloved Tapatio), and to commemorate the 150th anniversary, the brand released the special Diamond Reserve Red Sauce.

 Photo by Peter Pham
 This special sauce was 6 ounces (an ounce bigger than the standard bottle), came in a pretty black and gold champagne-style packaging, and retailed at $34.99.

The fancy Tabasco sauce was described as:


“A selection of the finest tabasco peppers on Avery Island, chosen for their superior color, texture, and robustness. These peppers are mashed with a small amount of salt, then aged—some for up to 15 years—and blended with sparkling white wine vinegar. The resulting pepper sauce has exceptional complexity, while maintaining the signature flavor and vibrancy for which TABASCO Sauce is celebrated around the world.”

 Sounds pretty amazing, right? Unfortunately, it was a very limited release and no longer available on its online store.

So now, the only way to get your hands on one of these exclusive bottles is to fork over the money on eBay, or convince me to give you the one that’s been sitting at my desk for about a month.


 More listings have been popping up, one for a more reasonable $250, and the lowest being $99. It looks like all these sellers are posting pretty aggressive prices, so good luck finding one at retail.

If you pay 500 bucks for a bottle of fucking Tabasco you have some serious issues or have a weird love affair with Tabasco. Either way if you want to waste 500 bones my Venmo and Paypal are open folks.

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