Burger Barr – Sewell, NJ

I actually tried to stop here in late 2017 when they were called Burger, Chips and Shakes because they had really good reviews and I love a good burger but alas my mission was foiled when I saw the “Under Construction, we’ll be back sign”. Fast forward to 2018 and boom, Burger Barr is up and running like me back in ’98 when I could still do such a thing. You know my routine by now, after looking at the yelp and reading some reviews my stomach started growling and I immediately went to the menu to see what was what. All their burgers come with lettuce, tomato, cooper sharp and their secret sauce. After that it’s up to you to build your perfect burger.

With so many options this was wayyyyy tougher than I expected, when you’re a foodie…specifically one that has the mindset of Vince Wilfork…this shit is tough because I literally want everything on the menu. After much deliberation between me and my inner fat person I decided to go with the Kobe Wagyu Beef on the Brioche bun with cooper sharp and cheddar cheese, grilled mushrooms, onions, sriracha ketchup and garlic aioli….and of course bacon. Holy Delicious Burger Baby Jesus. I’ve had wagyu beef sliders before but not a full burger. I honestly don’t know how I go back to eating regular beef after devouring this masterpiece. The burger I built is up there in my top 5 of best burgers I’ve had, and it’s fast rising to number 1. As you can see from the pictures below, they aren’t giving you skimpy burgers, their providing a classy form of Mondo Burger at Burger Barr.



We say this a lot in our reviews but you really can’t say it enough, the fresh ingredients were incredible…did I mention they make all their sauces in house?! I literally just sat back in my chair and started reminiscing about how good this thing was. The quality of the burger is up there with some of the best restaurants in the Jersey and Philly area but at fast casual prices, which is perfect for my broke ass. I want to give you guys more of a description and go into detail but I guess you can say I’m at a loss of words because the only words I can think of is “Phenomenal”, “elite”, “Banging”, and “Fuck a diet if burgers are going to be this good”.

I’m going to explore this menu some more and update this post but after only trying it one time I can wholeheartedly say if you’re a fan of burgers and you’re in the South Jersey area you’re going to want to stop in and give Burger Barr a go.

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  1. Dam

    You should try their “Impossible Burger” and REALLY get your mind blown. I am a meat eater……
    But If I could eat an Impossible Burger every day….. I would. I also am willing to bet that if a meat eater was to eat the Impossible without knowledge they would never know….. they just ate all plant.
    Impossible burger with swiss, pineapple, cherry bbq sauce, brioche bun…….. best burger I have ever had in my life and I have been to many amazing burger joints.

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