News – “Here’s my beef: Fast food debacle sends writer on quest” – This is a story about hope, perseverance and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions.

But it’s also a story about a hamburger. Or rather, a hamburger that wasn’t a hamburger at all.

The Sunday before Memorial Day, I was rushing to get my family fed before hurrying off to work and decided to get takeout at my local McDonald’s.

I headed to the drive through and placed what was, admittedly, an involved order — a Big Mac with no onions for my husband, Jody, a plain Filet O’Fish for me, 20 chicken nuggets for everyone to share, and a plain hamburger with extra pickles to give to my 3-year-old twin daughters, Sydney and Alexis.


Once I got home, I began to separate out everyone’s orders. It was then that disaster struck. For, instead of the plain hamburger with extra pickles I had ordered for my kids, I had gotten an empty bun. Well, technically not empty — there was one sad slice of pickle lying forlornly on the bread.

 I was aghast. But, with two hungry kids to feed, I had to rally fast and gave the girls nuggets as a replacement for the burger.

Then my husband and I wondered what to do next. I didn’t have time to drop by McDonald’s on my way to work to demand justice. And my husband wasn’t about to head over with our feisty girls and expect them to stand around quietly while he argued about our burgerless burger.

Ultimately, I decided the fastest remedy was to snap a picture of the sad meal and post the image on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Okay so click the link and read the whole story if you haven’t because this happens more than people think and most likely has happened to you. I learned early on from Mama Biddle that you don’t have to take this laying down especially in the social media era..we’ll check the bag right in line and if its fucked up, we’re making sure they fix it and prob going to have them throw in something for free….she doesn’t mess around. 

When McDonalds first took the double cheeseburger and McChicken off the menu abruptly and started charging extra..she literally wrote a handwritten letter expressing her frustration and anger about the whole situation and they …I kid you not…they sent her a years worth of free food coupons.

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