Guest Post: Here’s What You Need to Know About Poké

When it comes to states across the nation, every locale has something to offer the national (and international) conversation on food. Some of those things are traditional and some are new inventions. And as the world has gotten “smaller” and more connected, some things that were really only specialties of one spot have expanded beyond borders.

Let’s look at Hawaii, for example. What’s available locally certainly helped the state develop its specialties. Luckily for everyone else, those things have combined and are now spreading outside of the island—poke is what we’re talking about.

Poké is a term used to describe a preparation of raw fish—typically tuna or salmon—sometimes adorned with other ingredients, sometimes not. But as poke spreads, people are learning that it doesn’t have to use raw fish. It can be a creative interpretation in a salad, rice bowl, or more. So what can poke look like for you? This graphic explains it:

Never Tried Poké? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Hawaiian Dish


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