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I actually found out about Sicklerville Soul while I was scrolling Instagram one day and after checking out a few pics and wiping drool from my mouth I finally said enough is enough and went to check them out. Everything was so amazing the first time through, that for about a month I went basically once a week, don’t judge me. My first time through I got the fried fish hoagie (Lettuce, tomato, onion, & cheese) which they dubbed the best in town on Instagram, and the fried chicken & shrimp combination meal with mac and cheese and rice. Before I had SS my favorite fish hoagie came from Baltimore Seafood which was also located in Sicklerville but they shut down shop and honestly I think they moved back to Baltimore. So I’ve been looking to fill the void for about 3 years now and yea…void filled.

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For the most part when you hear the “Best in town” quotes from an establishment their just trying to get people in the door, well I can honestly say this was the best fish hoagie I’ve ever had. The fish itself was seasoned and fried perfectly and the roll was lowkey the secret star of the show. It was soft, yet firm and was so delicious I almost went back to just cop a bag of whatever brand rolls they were using. They also use a secret sauce that set the whole thing off, it’s truly a mouthwatering delicious sandwich.


Now on to the fried shrimp and chicken platter. Listen this is when I knew this spot was going to be regular in my rotation, you’re not always in the mood for a fish hoagie..but my fat ass can almost always eat some scrimps and chicken wings. They split the shrimp, season them with their secret blend, and fry them to golden perfection. So.Fucking.Good. The wings were fried using the same blend and the combination of these two with the fish hoagie and the flavorful mac and cheese almost had your boy shed a few tears of joy.


Nah all jokes aside I’ve since had the grilled salmon dinner with broccoli and yellow rice, the buffalo shrimp with fries, breakfast and more. Every single thing I’ve gotten from SS has been perfect and you can tell they take pride in making every item with love. Whenever I’m craving soul food and I’m anywhere in that area, SS is the number one place I’m stopping at.



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