News – “Burger King reopens after video of rodents on hamburger buns” – WILMINGTON, Del. — A Delaware Burger King where video apparently shows rodents scurrying among hamburger buns has reopened. The restaurant had been closed because of rodent infestation and gross, unsanitary conditions.

The Division of Public Health’s Dr. Karyl Rattay also cited an “imminent health hazard” as a cause for closing the eatery in a June 1 letter to the Burger King’s owner, Rackson Restaurants LLC.

The inspection report said, among other things, that rodent droppings were found inside the hamburger and chicken sandwich rolls. Droppings also were found behind fryers.

Inspectors were back at the Burger King at 2802 Concord Pike for a requested reinspection on Monday.

In a statement to 6abc Action News, Burger King Media Relations said, “Food safety and hygiene is always a top priority for us. The Franchisee, who independently owns and operates the location, has taken the appropriate measures to address the issue and prevent this from happening again in the future. We can confirm the restaurant reopened after passing a health inspection on Monday.”

Nooooooo!! As a lowkey germaphobe this is like literally one of my worse nightmares and they reopened that quickly? Nah man burn it all down and start from scratch fuck that shit.

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