News – “Pizza worker allegedly put rat poison in cheese” – FAYETTEVILLE NC (WTVD/CNN) – North Carolina’s Primos Pizza general manager Gurol Bicer said he was preparing to make a pizza last Friday when he spotted an odd solid substance mixed in thoroughly with the bucket of cheese.

Bicer said the substance reminded him of sticks or bits of wood, so he said he decided to take a look at surveillance video to find out how it got there.

“I see him reach into his pocket and sprinkle something into the cheese. I kept watching it and he did it three more times,” said Bicer.

Fayetteville police said that as pizza prep employee, 59-year-old Ricky Lee Adami shredded cheese, he also added some special ingredients of his own, rat poisoning.

Police officials said that according to management, Adami had contaminated up to three buckets of mozzarella.

“I threw away three tubs and everything else he made that day, I also threw away,” said Bicer.

Adami is being charged with food contamination.

This isn’t an “allegedly” situation. The name and that mustache lets me know everything I need to know about Ricky. It’s not like he was coming after a certain customer, he was trying to poison EVERYONE smh. Ruining perfectly good mozzarella/pizza like that should be a minimum 5 year sentence.

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