News – “‘Hangry’ woman calls cops because her pizza took too long to make, report says” – A woman in Canada reportedly called police Monday night after her pizza was taking too long to prepare.

Ontario Provincial Police were called to a restaurant in Elgin around 10 p.m. by a 32-year-old “hangry” woman who complained, along with her 10-year-old son, that their pizza wasn’t made in a timely manner, the Toronto Star reported.

A police constable told the news outlet that authorities warned the woman about how to properly use the 911 system for emergencies.

“It’s for emergency situations in need of police, fire or ambulance,” Const. Sandra Barr said. “It’s not for pizza calls.”

Police said there was no evidence to suggest that the mother consumed alcohol prior to dialing 911.

I meaaaannnnnn… guys know our motto, you gotta hear both sides. We’ve all been hangry  and have had our food take way too damn long, that’s certainly an emergency. We need a part of the force dedicated to food related crimes and emergencies.

“Hello officer…my burger came out burnt and my fries cold…this is serious, please help”.

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