News – “Cape Coral bans beer sales during state of emergency” – CAPE CORAL, Fla. (WFLA) – A new ordinance in Cape Coral bans beer sales before a hurricane. 

The city said the change is to help keep the public safe during a local state of emergency. 

It is also designed to keep beer delivery trucks and drunk drivers off the road.

The city is already able to suspend liquor and wine sales. The new ordinance now adds beer to the list.

During Hurricane Irma, Cape Coral suspended alcohol sales one day before the storm made landfall in Florida. But, it didn’t include beer at the time. 

City officials said they reviewed similar ordinances in 60 other cities before deciding to push for the change.

This is one of the most unconstitutional articles that I’ve ever seen, I’m offended. Like okay I get it, you wanna keep the drivers and delivery trucks off the road but uh you can make a time ordinance or something instead of just banning it altogether. One of my first stops when I know a storm is coming is to get food obviously but that second stop is most definitely the liquor store.

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