News – “‘Pizza In A Bag’ Is Now A Real Item You Can Buy From Wal-Mart”

foodbeast.comPizza is one of those ultimate all-day foods that’s just as tasty straight outta the fridge at 2 am as it is fresh from the store at 2 pm. It’s not exactly the most portable item, though, but converting it into jerky form changes all that while keep the flavor levels to the max.  


Pizza jerky is now a thing thanks to the brains at Epic Meal Time. Harley Morenstein and the squad have developed a new brand called Super Snack Time. Their flagship product, Pizza in a Bag, takes pepperoni and beef jerky and imbues them both with the ingredients of pizza to create a unique fusion of the two.


Currently, Super Snack Time’s pizza jerky is available in three flavors:

 A classic Pepperoni Pizza Style,

A spicy Buffalo Pizza style that combines the best of pizza, wings, and jerky,


And a Supreme Pizza Style that piles on the variety in topping flavors.

 You can enjoy any of them just on their own, but the tastes inside beckon to some unique pizza jerky fusions. Adding slabs of it into sandwiches comes to mind as a possible example. Or, you could go super meta and put pieces of the pizza jerky onto real pizza. Morenstein would definitely give that idea a fist bump.

If you’re down to sample Pizza in a Bag, it’s available now at all Walmart locations in the USA. You can also buy packs of the pepperoni jerky on Super Snack Time’s website.

Besides the normal curious fat people like myself there is only one audience Super Snack Time is targeting…

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