News – “Husband declares marriage over after wife salts popcorn at Brookfield theater, police say” – TOWN OF BROOKFIELD – A husband accused his wife of ‘being unfaithful’ after she salted popcorn against his wishes.

Town of Brookfield Police responded to a call at 9:31 p.m. May 27 at Marcus Majestic Cinema, 770 Springdale Road, for a domestic situation that started with the snack and might be headed toward marital disruption.

The wife told officers her husband was angry she put salt on their movie popcorn. She took the keys to the car because she felt unsafe letting him drive while angry, a police report said.  

The wife explained she purchased popcorn and her husband told her not to salt it, then walked away.  Because she bought the popcorn, she decided to put salt on it. Upon finding out the popcorn was salted, the man told his wife their marriage was over, according to the report.

He said she was unfaithful and does things behind his back. The report said the husband then refused to watch the movie.

LOL This seems like the type of dude you want to avoid in the office at all time, and just pray that you don’t sit near him in the cubicle. Anyone that gets that upset over some popcorn (just buy your own fucking popcorn if it means that much to you) needs immediate therapy and surgery to get the stick pulled out his ass.

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