News – “WOMAN AWARDED A WHOPPING $102K AFTER ‘HOT AND SPICY’ PASTA FIGHT GOES HORRIBLY WRONG” – When you’re young, there’s nothing more exciting than flinging your food across a room. You know sending a bowl of something stodgy hurtling through the air is going to raise hell, but it often feels too tempting to ignore. Inching a naughty hand towards a suggestively frisbee shaped plate is as transgressive and exhilarating as it gets. Long live the childhood food fight.

Food fight


It might be cute when you’re five, but adult food combat doesn’t have the same childlike charm as its youthful counterpart. Though there are notable exceptions, such as the Tomatina festival in Spain and the “Battle of the Oranges” in Italy, watching adults attack each other with their lunch usually elicits little more than eye rolling. But, it turns out that particularly pugilistic grownups are more than capable of doing some really serious damage with their dinner.

Take the recent case of James P. Sweeney. The former real estate attorney, normally considered a highly reputable profession, found himself on the wrong side of the law this week after unleashing a pasta-based assault on a fellow diner Michael Cosmos at Connecticutian Italian restaurant, Roma Ristorante. After apparently taking umbrage with something Cosmos had said, Sweeney opted not for a war of words or for fisticuffs at dawn, and instead seized his meal and sent it straight into the face of the offending party.

Unfortunately for the guilty Sweeney, the damage sustained by Koulmey was far from superficial. According to her lawyers, she had “a concussion, blurred vision and radiating back pain”, not to mention an obviously crippling case of pasta traumatic stress disorder. As her medical situation became clearer, Koulmey seized the initiative and took Sweeney to court for negligence and battery.

There’s multiple hilarious things about this story….the biggest one is why are 2 grown men getting into a fight in a restaurant and throwing pasta at each other. Also if you’re going to throw food at each other pasta doesn’t seem like the most suited food for accuracy. However…I can deal with a concussion, blurred vision and back pain for 102K. So if anyone see’s me out and is feeling frisky feel free to launch some Alfredo at me.

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