News – Would You Eat Chicken And Waffles From KFC? – CHARLOTTE, NC — What could a fast food restaurant possibly offer that could satisfy the appetite of a Millennial hipster, stay true to Southern flavors, while incorporating international cuisine, all at the same time? KFC’s newest menu item Chicken and Waffles aims to do just that and is currently being offered in select Charlotte area restaurants.

Here’s how KFC describes it: “KFC’s chicken and waffles include authentic Belgian liege-style waffles made with pearl sugar imported directly from Belgium. Each waffle is made to order and topped with KFC’s famous extra crispy fried chicken, double breaded and open fried to create its signature, extra crispy crunch.” On the side comes syrup, “to harmonize this sweet and savory pairing.”

KFC launched the test menu item June 18 and will offer it at select locations though July 29.

“Chicken and Waffles are a growing food trend,” KFC said. “KFC, always in search for new ways to celebrate Southern-inspired flavor combinations, recognizes that Chicken and Waffles creates a unique opportunity to make this authentic regional dish accessible to the masses.”

So I’m not down bad enough nor am I that desperate enough where I need to get chicken and waffles from KFC BUT I know someone who will try it for the blog when it comes in our area. (Puts out the White Chris bat signal ) Would you guys give this a try? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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