News – “A Doughnut-Chicken Nugget Hybrid Exists and It’s Called a Donug: – Move over cronut, there’s a new hybrid food in town! A donug – a combination of a doughnut and chicken nugget – is on the brink of taking the food world by storm.

The unlikely creation is the brainchild of a Scottish man named Crag Carrick, reports the Evening Standard, and it’s already being lauded as the perfect hangover food. 

According to the donug’s official Instagram page, the hybrid food is actually a completely savory product made from chicken, a top-secret flour and spice mix and a crunchy panko and cornflake crust. Donugs can be made plain or adorned with toppings of your choice, such as a signature cheesy Dijon bechamel, a Japanese curry sauce with mozzarella, chili flakes or black salt.

However, United States residents looking to get their hands on a donug might have to wait awhile. The unique product is currently only available in Australia, where Carrick now lives, but he recently secured a $100,000 AUD investment (which equates to about $70,000) after appearing on Shark Tank Australia earlier this month and has plans to take the donug global.

“I’m not changing the world with this product. I’m giving something that’s fun, it’s easy to understand, people get it straight away,” Carrick told the sharks, later adding, “It’s about getting Donugs sold here at every sporting ground, every servo, every fish-and-chip shop.”

Ya’ll just gonna have to judge me because I would definitely try this, it looks and sounds fucking delicious. Some of these food mashups I want no parts of but yea a big ass chicken nugget with a cheese sauce…woooooooo shit sign me up.

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