News – “GrubHub Food Delivery Man Accused of Stealing Office Laptop” – Austin Johnston is CEO of Busy Events Production Company in Anaheim, and so, naturally, he was too busy to get out of the office and grab lunch on Monday. What he did not know was that grabbing lunch via popular food delivery service GrubHub meant that someone would come and grab a company laptop from his office.

Johnston said it was the first time he’d used the app to order food. After meeting his delivery man outside his business and picking up the food, several minutes passed before anyone noticed something was missing.

“(The) front desk girl walked in about 10 minutes later and said, ‘Where’s my laptop?'” Johnston told NBC4. “I thought she was kidding.”

When the CEO took a look at the security footage, however, cameras showed the same driver he met outside had already been to the business a few minutes prior to the meeting where he exchanged food with Johnston.

Security Camera Video GrubHub


[LA] Security Camera Video GrubHub


(Published Tuesday, June 19, 2018)

The surveillance footage showed a delivery man wearing a red shirt with the initials “GH” walking into the business with what appears to be food in his hands. Then, the same man walks out almost immediately with the food still in his possession and what appears to be another object tucked under his arm.

Johnston says that object under the driver’s arm is the stolen laptop computer, and surveillance shows the driver put the food and what is alleged to be Johnston’s laptop in the back seat of the delivery car.

The CEO says he’s showing the surveillance footage because GrubHub hasn’t been helping get his property back. 

My man was like look if I’m going to bring you guys these burritos, the least you can do is let me hold a laptop for my troubles #Snatchies.

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