Island Vibes (Pearl’s)

“Oooo! And they was playin’ Jamaican Music”…On the train overhearing yet another unnecessary loud cell phone convo by one of my brown skinned sisters. Even black folks aren’t immune to generalizing when it comes to the Caribbean. There is more to West Indian Culture than weed, beef patties, and Bob Marley.

Enter Pearl’s in WillyB. Yes the L train is about to shut down service between Manhattan and Brooklyn but Pearl’s is another reason to shrug it off with a Trini Rum Punch in hand. “No Pressure, No Problems”(Aint that right Sandals).

Pearl’s menu is inspired from “TnT” aka Trinidad and Tobago…the L.A. to Jamaica’s N.Y. In the West Indies.

Love the Miami Vice colors of this spot. It got me in the mood for Hot weather, Cool drinks like the “Rude Boy” and delicious flavor filled apps like Accra and Stuffed Crab Backs.

The former are salted cod fritters with Slammin’ tangy tamarind sauce to dip! Dip !Baby! Dip! Cotton Candy Sweetie GO- sorry off on a tangent excited for the Summer!!!- So basically Accra are -fish cakes. Light, Fluffy, Fried with some Bite for the taste buds.

The Stuffed Crab Backs in my Opinion are the best appetizer on the menu. Picture applying the same principle of a Twice Baked Potato but to some soft ass succulent crab hollowed out and filled with that Trini flayva, about two flame emojis worth of spice. Have water ready.

For the main I rolled with the Bake and Shrimp. Fried dough made for a sandwich Caribbean-Style filled with Fried shrimp, tamarind, pickled slaw, mango chutney, hooked up with garlic sauce (not date friendly unless you suspect she/he is a vampire) and chadon beni aka “foul smelling thistle”(sheeeeeit. Thought your breath was already doing the Chun-Li Lightning Kick). Altogether these disparate spices come together to put a smile of satisfaction after each bite. Sadly a frown formed after my last bite because I knew it was over.

Overall the service was fantastic. Fun factor in there was High, love the fact that I could see into the kitchen like I was “back home”(West Indian slang for being back in one’s native Island). Backyard is also spacious enough for some non- claustrophobic outdoor dining. Put Pearl’s on your hit list for Summer ‘18, especially if sharks at the beach scare you. Devour a mouth watering Bake and Shark. After all, Consumption is the ultimate form of Control.

Ed. Note- West Indian American Alex is a little saddened that St. Lucia got popular enough for direct flights and big Soulless all inclusive hotels. Feels Kinda like Wakanda going Public.

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