News – “The World’s First Entirely Robot-Crafted Burger Is Here. This Is Exactly How It’s Made” – Alex Vardakostas grew up flipping burgers. Now he’s the co-founder and CEO of Creator, San Francisco’s newest, most high-tech burger establishment. For $6, customers can get a made-to-order burger crafted by a 14-foot-long “culinary instrument” — also known as a robot.

Creator’s burger-making robot is a long stretch of sleek machinery, with 350 sensors, 50 actuators, and 20 computers to ensure every sauce is dispensed down to the milliliter and every spice down to the gram. Glass silos hold a colorful array of condiments. Three compressed-air tubes hold fresh-baked brioche buns, ready to push one out to a belt when you place your order.

Other restaurants have incorporated automaton (remember Flippy, the burger-flipping robot?), but Creator is the first to build a machine that makes your burger from start to finish — all in about five minutes. Eventually, customers will be able to order though an app with the ability to customize every detail of the burger, but for now orders are placed through a human concierge at a counter. Behind them, the robot sets to work.

The bun, pressed out by the compressed-air tube, is sliced by a vibrating knife and then toasted and buttered as it’s moved along to the condiment belt below. Sauces and spices are measured with precision; tomatoes, pickles, and onions are sliced on the spot. Cheese is grated directly onto the bun. All of this is visible through the robot’s glass front, so you can watch your burger being crafted.

I’ve brought up Black Mirror multiple times, MULTIPLE times on this damn blog and after finishing Westworld season 2 I’m even more horrified about what the future holds. What do we do though? We just keep on marching towards our extinction SMFH.

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