News – Cotton Candy Hot Dogs Are A Thing – ERIE, Pennsylvania — Some pairings just make sense — peanut butter and jelly, movies and popcorn, baseball and hot dogs.

But what happens when you ditch the bun and wrap the ballpark dog in cotton candy? What about when you top that hellish creation with Nerds?

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That’s where the Erie SeaWolves come in. The team posted an image of the sweet and salty concoction on its Twitter account on Saturday, ahead of UPMC Park’s Sugar Rush night, along with players trying it out.

Cotton Candy hot dog, covered in nerds!!! @FaedoAlex gives it a try!

— Erie SeaWolves (@erie_seawolves) June 23, 2018

This…among many other things are why people from other countries laugh at us…my god man…I can smell the diabetes through these damn pictures. The bad part is I can see WC giving this a try, we may have to do a live on air taste test.

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