Holy Shit! This Might Be The Greatest Surveillance Footage Ever

Guys…GUYS! I’m so happy this was in a gas station type store so we can make it a “food related” post. There’s so many levels to this, i’m currently at work and I’ve watched it no less than 15 times. This is comparable to a summer blockbuster heist movie, DUDE GOT TASED AND GOT RIGHT BACK UP FOR MORE ACTION!!! And home girl is the definition of a ride or die chick…I spit out my water when she went straight Mission Impossible to try to escape. I had no idea folks in Edmonton were getting down like this. I’m at a loss for words, mostly because I can’t stop laughing. I’m not even gonna say anymore, please just watch and enjoy the greatest 2 minutes and 30 seconds in Edmonton history.

P.s. don’t do crack kids, although they were probably on a combination of everything under the Canadian sun.

(fucking WordPress is messing up and won’t embed the video so just click the link to watch pure meth head excellence)


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