News – “This couple celebrated every anniversary at Burger King for 50 years” – Husband and wife Lloyd and Sandi Howard of Monroe, New Jersey, have given each other the royal treatment on their wedding anniversary for the past 50 years — literally.

That’s because the couple have celebrated their anniversary at Burger King every year since they tied the knot in 1968. What started as an unplanned, last-minute dinner has turned into an annual tradition.

Lloyd Howard

Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Lloyd and Sandi Howard!

“The first year they were married, they were running late to see a show in the city [Manhattan], and there was a Burger King on the corner,” Tracy Gorelczenko, one of the Howards’ daughters, told TODAY Food.

The couple stopped in for a quick bite. A year later, Lloyd and Sandi happened to find themselves in a similar situation on their anniversary.

“I forget where we were going, but it was around lunchtime, and we realized that it just happened to be our anniversary,” Lloyd told TODAY. “We just figured — maybe for good luck — that we’d just keep going back on our anniversary.”

Decades later, the Howards have kept the tradition going strong. It’s taken some effort, but the couple has made sure to grab some type of meal from a Burger King on the actual day of their anniversary each year. This year, they both celebrated with Whoppers.

Talk about motherfucking relationship goals! Also Whopper’s are delicious, congrats to the happy couple on 50 years.

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