News – “These states have the highest concentration of fast-food restaurants in America” – Americans love fast food. In fact, about one-third of Americans eat fast food every day.

  • Research firm Datafiniti studied how many fast-food restaurants exist per capita in the United States to see which areas of the country have the highest concentration of fast food.
  • The state with the most fast food per capita had 6.3 restaurants for every 10,000 people living there.

It’s no secret that Americans love fast food.

In fact, research from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics shows that about one-third of those living in the United States eat fast food every single day. It isn’t a hard feat, considering there’s a McDonald’s in every major city in the country.

Recent research from Datafiniti looked into how many fast-food restaurants there are per capita in the US by extracting data on fast-food restaurant locations and then sorting them geographically to see which areas of the country have the highest concentration.

Some states have a lot more fast-food restaurants than others do. Southern states have the highest amount of fast food per capita, with the highest ratio being 6.3 restaurants per 10,000 residents. The central US isn’t far behind, with some Midwestern states having as many as five fast-food restaurants per 10,000 residents. The Northeast has the smallest amount of fast-food restaurants per capita, with New York, New Jersey, and Vermont having fewer than two restaurants per 10,000 residents.

Alabama being number 1 on this list really doesn’t surprise me, have you seen some of those grown ass country boys on the Alabama football team?? That’s a lot of biscuits and burgers man.

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