News – “A Toppers Pizza ad features a Domino’s truck, and Domino’s threatens to sue” – Domino’s sends Toppers Pizza a cease-and-desist letter after learning Toppers plans to run ads using its logo.

  • Toppers’ founder and CEO Scott Gittrich says he has no intention of scrapping the advertisement.
  • While Toppers’ ad does not appear to be grounds for a defamation lawsuit, it could be a trademark infringement if it does not attribute the image to Domino’s.

Dominos Pizza

A pizza war is cooking, but it’s not between two restaurant behemoths.

Domino’s and the much smaller Toppers Pizza are squaring off after the pizza giant learned that Toppers plans to run a series of ads using its logo.

During a store opening in Duluth, Minnesota, Toppers revealed its upcoming marketing campaign called “Us vs. Them.” The ad in question features a photo that a Toppers staff member took of a Domino’s truck delivering dough to one of its stores next to a picture of a Toppers employee carrying a large bag of flour. It is to be distributed in July across all of Toppers’ media platforms.

Ooooooooooo first we got Drake vs Pusha to get the summer beef going and now we get Pizza Beef 2018?! Lets get it!! I love how the Toppers owner doesn’t give a shit either, he’s just basically telling Dominos he’s with the shits.

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