News – “Skittles Shake and Snickers Shake from Mars” – The full 350ml milk drink lineup now includes Bounty, Galaxy, Mars, Mars Caramel, Milkyway, Skittles, Snickers and Starburst.

With the introduction of these new flavours, Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats continues to revolutionise the category, providing consumers with a wide choice of unique flavour combinations and delivering innovation, fun and familiarity to the category through brand recognition.

In the UK, the flavoured milk category continues to grow at a rate of 19%, with chocolate milk remaining the category’s favourite flavour with a 34% share of value sales.

Innovation within the category has also seen flavours outside of the core varieties, chocolate, banana and strawberry, grow by 40%, accounting for 23% of total value sales.

I love Snickers, they’re my second favorite candy behind Reese’s but I’m kinda skeptical of this…feels like one of those things where the first 2 sips are good and then the rest is just simply too much.  

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