News – “These ‘Discontinued’ Fast Food Items STILL Exist, Here Is Where To Find Them”

foodbeast.comThere’s plenty of discontinued fast food items that we wish could come back. If you’re willing to look, though, there’s quite a few that you can actually still enjoy today.

Not every single fast food that’s been deep-sixed by a chain was removed from all of their menus. One, two or a handful of locations in the United States may still have them somewhere. We’ve tracked down where a few of those are, so if you are craving a bite of nostalgia, you have an idea of where to start looking.

Some of these items’ availabilities depend on who’s running the stores in that area, so you may not find them in every spot. When you do find one, though, hang on to that location in your memory, because they are a bastion of fast food history.


Popeyes – Onion Rings


Onion rings used to be more commonplace at Popeyes locations, but today, finding one with one is a literal needle in a haystack. They’re rumored to be more likely to find in the South, including New Orleans, where the above photo was taken.


Chick-fil-A – Spicy Chicken Biscuit


This crowd favorite rolled off of menus in 2016, much to the chagrin of fans nationwide. Chick-fil-A didn’t take it off everywhere, though, and keeps a list of the cities you can still find it in on their website. Currently, there’s 60 cities nationwide that the Spicy Chicken Biscuit is still available.


McDonald’s – Biscuits and Gravy


McDonald’s still has a listing for “Big Breakfast – Country Sausage Biscuit and Gravy” on its website. But the predominantly regional breakfast food was given the axe a while back, although some locations in the South still offer it up for breakfast. Exactly where in the US varies, as the biscuits have been spotted everywhere from Tennessee to Michigan.

Wendy’s – Spicy Chicken Nuggets


Wendy’s outraged its customers (present company included) when they quietly yanked Spicy Nuggets from their menus. There’s still seven cities nationwide that have them, though, although their range is relegated to the central US. But if you’re somewhere like Austin, Texas or Chicago, Illinois, keep an eye out for those spicy nuggets.

Wendy’s outraged its customers (present company included) when they quietly yanked Spicy Nuggets from their menus

Look man I get irrationally angry at the fact that they took one of the best things off the menu, I’m actually doing the Arthur fist at my desk as we speak. With all that being said, that Chick Fil A spicy chicken biscuit not being on the breakfast menu is probably a close runner-up on fast food things that piss me off…they really act like they can’t make it and it kills me…the spicy chicken is right there man…just put it on a fucking biscuit for me!! Those of you that havent had it, trust me it’s fucking delicious and maybe that’s why I get so angry.

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