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Whose ready for some fun? I said whose ready for some INCREDIBLE fun!?! Yes that’s right the key word is fun because that’s what the Incredibles 2 brought to the big screen! After a 14 year hiatus, our favorite animated superheroes have finally come back to fill a void that was long overdue!

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JACK-JACK!!! Ok ok, let me not jump ahead, let me back up a bit and give a brief review of how good this movie was. I can definitely say that the Incredibles 2 has given its predecessor a run for its money and ummm… JACK- JACK… ok I’m off track again.

The Parr family is back, Bob (Mr. Incredible), Helen (Elastigirl), their daughter Violet, son Dash and baby Jack. Oh, don’t let me forget Mr. Frozone himself. They have all returned in a new era where being a “Superhero” is frowned upon and banned. Bending the rules a bit, Elastigirl is selected to do a mission that puts her and her husband back in their comfort zones.

But first, Mr. Incredible had to play Mr. Mom until it’s his time to get his return to the game. He couldn’t just slip on his J’s and come back like Jordan wearing the 4-5. During his time at home playing mommy, he discovers that the true star of the movie has incredible super powers! Can I say it now?? YESS!!! JACK-JACK, is not only INCREDIBLE but he is EPIC in stealing the show. I don’t want to give too much away because I do feel as though you do have to take your family and see this movie.

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The score was an absolute work of art and throw in the full teamwork of the banned superheroes with the Incredibles and you end up with it an epic finale that you definitely won’t forget. Let me just say this one more time-JACK-JACK! With all of that said I give this movie 4 black bean burgers out of 5 (this will be the rating system going forward), yeah I’m a vegan people.  I would have given it 5 burgers but one thing was lacking and that was the villain. This villain had nothing on the greatness of Syndrome from the original and that took a little away from this being a classic. NOW, GET YA BUTTS UP OFF THE COUCH, GRAB YA KIDS, GO SEE THIS MOVIE AND PROVIDE YOUR FEEDBACK!!

Come back and get more from the movie man and as always continue to get your grub on!

P.S. VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER… there is an intense seizure warning watching this movie. So be advised.

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