News – “Man suspected of killing 21 co-workers by poisoning their food: Authorities” – German police are reviewing the suspicious deaths of 21 engineering workers — dating back nearly two decades — after one of their co-workers was allegedly caught on camera trying to poison a colleague’s lunch.

The authorities launched an investigation after finding quicksilver, lead and cadmium at the 56-year-old suspect’s home following the alleged attempted poisoning at the metal fitting firm in the small northwestern town of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock.

The 26-year-old colleague, whom authorities have not named, noticed a suspicious, unknown white powder on his sandwich and reported it to his manager, Achim Ridder, a spokesman for the Bielefeld Police, told ABC News.

The company then installed a CCTV camera in the lunch break room. On two more occasions, the footage allegedly showed the 56-year-old suspect opening his colleague’s lunch box and sprinkling something on the sandwiches during lunch breaks, police said.

After seeing the video with the alleged poisoning, the company contacted police.

The suspect, named only as Klaus O, was arrested on May 16, after police searched his apartment and found toxic chemicals such as mercury, quicksilver, lead and cadmium, Ridder said.

“Two days later, we got tests back from our criminal police laboratory in Dusseldorf, which showed it was lead acetate, a poison that could have caused severe organ damage,” Ridder said.

Bruh wtf this is some seriously sick shit! It’s like a combination of fucking Milton from Office Space and Dexter. You know I’m all about we gotta hear both sides but there’s no way that, that many people could have been a dick to him…like to the point that he had to eliminate them…allegedly. Germany is a wild fucking place man.

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  1. Timothy “Mr Ultimate” Fells

    That’s crazy crazy crazy!!! He clearly had some serious issues to take it to such extremes!

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