News – “Meet BurgerFi, Where Facial Recognition Software Remembers Your Burger”

dallasobserver.comInside the picked-clean husk of a Burger King, a new fast food joint has made its home. Unlike the ancient King, this clone from BurgerFi, a chain from Florida, has adapted to many of the advancements of modern human technologies.

There are aluminum and clean lines and naked wood panels. This is the kind of burger restaurant where a premium mayonnaise-based sauce shall only, repeat only, be referred to as “aioli.” Above, a MacroAir fan — its wingspan almost as wide as the ceiling — chops the air with giant blades. It is well known that fans that could cool an entire industrial warehouse in seconds are essential for chili dog eating.

Once you’ve entered BurgerFi, it’s time to input your order through the touch screen. The process makes it breathtakingly easy to add chili to everything. The double cheeseburger at BurgerFi is labeled as the most popular. There’s also the CEO burger, a wagyu and brisket blend patty doubled up over candied-bacon jam, aged Swiss cheese and truffle aioli.

We really are living in the future like a motherfucker out here and as I’ve stated in previous posts I’m terrified of the machine take over….this seems pretty cool though. We actually have a BurgerFi in Philly so I’m going to have to check it out and see if they started the technology takeover as well.

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